Sales & Purchase

Easy Sales & Purchase

Easily generates Sales Quotation and Orders. Single click transfer of Quotes to Order and order to shipment. Manages Customer, Prospect, And Sales Person Information. Volume-based scaled pricing, discounts and mark-ups based on customers or customer groups, and products or product groups. Define terms of payment that is paid, partially paid or unpaid.

Keeping Track of Entries

Keeping the track of all sale transactions and payment status. Where we can perform different multiple operations like sales return, debit note, print invoice and send invoice on email.

Here we can check all the entries and their payment status as per the invoice number or the customer name. Also you can check the due amounts that we have to get payments from the customers.

Return & Credit/Debit note

We can easily make the entries or transactions on the sales & purchase invoice From the operations you can enter the transaction against any invoice like sales returns and debit notes.

Those list of operations is maintained with the reference number of real invoice.

The impacts of sale returns and debit notes as on accounts as well as inventory are recorded in the GL of sales account and the customer.

Attractive Invoice Prints

As per user requirement we are continuously working on the different types of invoice designs and formats.

PSPM ERP system is responsible for taking all necessary information on the print of invoices.

Due lists and payments

1)Keeping track of pending invoices and payments.

2)Complete list of the pending invoices with the due amount and their due dates to make easy payments.

3)different payment options like check, cash and banks are available.

Tracking the entries in GL

Check all entries with account names under the specific GL. It will help you to identify the profit and loss from any customer or vendor easily.

That will help you to check the opening and closing balance of the vendors and customers